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Membership is open to anyone who is 12 and older. There is one main requirement, which is attending an orientation program. Remember, we are working with seeds that have genetic purity and so we must be careful when we save seed from the heritage plants. We are responsible for their genetic purity and therefore we must take the time to learn how to save them properly.


Fortunately, there is a group of vegetables that is easy to work with. These are the seeds from lettuce, tomatoes, beans and peas. So when you attend the orientation session you will leave knowing how to save seeds from these vegetables. You will also leave with five packs of vegetables from these four groups.


Lastly, you will have the distinct privilege of signing our group promise to take the seeds home and grow them out and save their seeds. Remember, you will be gaining meaning, memory and identity from doing this noble activity.


Membership is open to anyone for free.   Below is a membership form that you may fill out and email to

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