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Become a Volunteer


Besides growing plants and saving seeds, we have several other activities that can be very fun but require help from a few volunteers. The benefit turns out to be a huge increase in our skills at saving different varieties of seeds like corn and pumpkins.



So, consider volunteering for something because you'll meet people that are like minded, you'll have a unique and fun experience and you will feel good about doing something that is actually uniquely helpful to combating climate change.


Ways to Volunteer


1. Join a work party! Learn the little jobs necessary to maintain the Seed Library, like updating the seed inventory, packaging up fresh seeds and so forth. We will post dates on the home page.


2. Learn to give a seed saving orientation. We would like to offer orientations more often.


3. Encourage others to come! Bring a friend to a meeting or at least tell a friend or neighbor about the Library and the positive experience you are having.

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